4 Passive Income For College Students

passive income for college students

passive income for college students
passive income for college students

Hi, I’m Qaseem you instructor our topic is passive income for college students, how students earn master passive income this is going to be an automated money making system for students so let’s begin.

So passive income is not a income you earn without work even absolutely their is no way you can earn money without work you have to work a little bit today we are going to discuse how students can make passive income.

Today we will talk about the photographer and what you could offer if you are a professional photographer. If you share your photos on Facebook or your blog.

It’s time to end. Month libertarians up to $1000 if your photos are very amazing. All very special and they get a lot of likes on Facebook that says or what you need to do is register a new account. On Shutterstock.com 

After creating your account. You need to activate it. Using e-mail then select the type of files that you want to share on this account. Now let’s look at the Website that you are talking about.

passive income for college students
passive income for college students

It’s called Shutterstock.com as you can see here Shutterstock.com. This is the joining page. Now let’s fill the information enter your e-mail your password then click I certify Click on next to create your account.

OK, check your e-mail to verify your account. Now see your e-mail address. Just click on the link to verify your account, and you will be good to go.

Next, it will ask you or the site will ask you to fill your necessary information. Now you need to upload your identification so you can start earning.

you need to submit an identification card scan photo, and they will review it to make sure that the card information is the same as the information you provide before.

After this, it will take time.

This site will ask you to upload a photocopy of your identity card or passport it has a picture of you your name and your country. And this is to confirm the registration process. Once you upload your identification.

You can start uploading your images with your camera. But no that Website accepts images that are no less than four megapixel big cities or the ocean and have good lighting.

The site will charge you for every cell of one of your photos. You can also publish your pictures on istockphoto.com you can also go to this Website sign up and start posting your photos for those that are already on your phone that can make you a great deal of money.

passive income for college students
passive income for college students

That’s it for using your photography skills to make money. These two Websites will pay you while you sleep. So I recommend signing up here and start selling your photos.

Content Writing.

We will talk about another method for making money without the need for the experience or a job site which is content writing.

If you are a blogger and content writer and your English is good. You can now earn $100 for every article you write for the famous listverse site. This site listverse requires several things to be for your articles before mentioning these things.
Let’s see the interface

passive income for college students
passive income for college students

now as you can see this is the listverse website.
This is its interface as you can see here. It has many articles so things that are required to pay for your articles from this Listverse.

  1. So your article needs to be filled with at least 10 points.
  2. The site accepts interesting and attractive articles.
  3. The articles should not be less than a hundred or fifteen hundred words or one thousand fifteen hundred words.
  4. The site requires that the article be exclusive and not Corbitt.
  5. This is obvious because it’s 104 articles.
  6. The site reviews all the articles that I’ve sent to them.
  7. If the site approved articles, they would send 100 dollars to your account.
  8. Your article must look professional So the website will pay you for it.
  9. Articles that are approved should be useful and fun at the same time as adding information today in a fun way.
  10. So when you should submit your article.
  11. Make sure to take these points in mind.
  12. If you are thinking of adding an article to a site that more than 50 million people are visiting.
  13. Among the combined list of ten points and discussed them in 1500 words and sent them to the list first website.

As you can see you can simply click Submit unless you can add your details full name email address your author information your top 10 list.
Title Clear introduction to your list of the full content of your list here.
Then click, I agree.

As you can see, they don’t require you to sign up and drop sites.
They just ask for your barebacked account and if they liked your top 10 list.
They will publish it on their website and send you the hundred dollars.
It’s a very simple and easy thing. Now that’s it for this method. It’s a very straightforward method. It needs a good English command and writing skills, and you can get a hundred dollars for each article.

Captcha solving.

We will talk about resolving captcha, and there are a lot of masters looking for people who are solving captcha for a sum of money if you have free time and concentrate on the old free time because this will take lots and lots of time and interest in this.

Your answer to 1000 captcha can make you five dollars the minimum to withdraw your money today is $3. The site is one of the trusted sites in this area.

Then start by answering the various captcha codes and make sure you answer correctly so that your account is not blocked when you reach that minimum threshold of $3.

You can request a transfer to your PayPal account. This is really simple and easy. Now let’s check the Website that we are talking about.

passive income for college students
passive income for college students

This method will not make you a great amount of money for your time but if you have free time making some money is better than making non.
Now we created our account it would direct us to our first page. Choose I’m a worker let’s say the site I want to add money and studying the text from damages and would throw all my earnings to my online wallet.

Now you can click on the start. It will start by training you on how to solve
the captcha then you can start making money. And now the balance is zero dollars.
I hope my idea for 4 passive income for college students will work for you.

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