7 Best Marketing Projects For High School Students.

7 Best Marketing Projects For High School Students.

Hey, Friends, I’m Qaseem, your instructor today, We will discuss how you can involve your students in the marketing activities. For these activities, you have to give marketing projects to your students, here are some marketing projects for high school students. By which you can involve them in the business world. So let’s get started.

Marketing Projects For High School Students
Marketing Projects For High School Students

In today’s world teachers, are constantly seeking new and innovative ideas to involve students in schooling. Teachers are learning new business ideas, and they also teach to their students. It is notably to azure that the assignment must be project-oriented also teach them the principle of promotion And distribution, Which is extremely important in the business world. These are some examples of marketing projects for high school students. 

Coupon Creation

If you want to create marketing projects for high school students that should be realistic and flexible, it should be done with a real business. You should contact the local business owners and make an effort to make a deal of offer to create a flyer or banner that can be an effective marketing strategy for business growth. Just remember your goal is to make people more aware of your business location. This product is better than the other product so your customers can save their money, and this strategy reinforces all the principles of marketing. one more thing the coupon should be recreated with the cooperation of business owners. 


One of the best commercial ideas to market your business is through video. a large number of people today have access to video or video creation at their fingertips just like students have video creating software in school labs. a good project needs to be reinforced in the students create the original video of a product in form of a commercial. by creating a commercial by students for a local business they will be able to see their work with success.

Newspaper Advertisements

we all know about newspaper marketing projects for high school student’s newspapers is also a great way to work with the journalist teacher with these students will see the power of the newspaper the power of print. they will also learn to work together to create a project or ad with their school’s newspapers. by this local business, students will learn to create a slogan or logo for their ad. students will learn to start a business or project with the help of a newspaper.

Online Social Networking

Internet is a great source of awareness. What you have to do is to create a page on any social media site, and it is a great way for marketing a product or a brand with the help of this project. Students will learn to manage the page and amount of visitors coming to their page. A student will learn to utilize the running of a class office or a project online.

Taste Test

According to research, high school students love to eat. And it can be a batter way t can be to get involved in a project to have a student taste test. Let the students decide to taste upon which food is batter to purchase in front of competitors. Once the food is removed from the original packaging the taste test starts. After the taste test let the students decide if the product is truly the best. After the test, the students will pull their classmates and convince them to buy the product, which is promoted with these students will learn product promotion and a key to success.

Business Administration.

Create a business proposal in which your students can work together to write a proposal for a business in which they are interested to start. Then given project must contain all the required elements like a business plan, Opening Inventory, Capital, types of equipment, and a list of all other objectives that are compulsory in the business and let them complete the project. 


Let your students make a presentation on computer software like PowerPoint or maybe other software, Let them make research on the company or a product in which they show interest and, then they have to represent their research. It may be good marketing projects for high school students. 


According to the research students don’t like to read or write on any topic you give them. They like to read or write on the topic they are interested in. So give them projects that are related to their interest. There are 7 Best Marketing Projects For High School Students that allow your students to get involve in the schooling activity.

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