How to target affiliate program with good profit

How to target affiliate program with good profit

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

Hi, I am Qaseem your instructor this is our second part of our Affiliate Marketing course in which you are going to learn how to target affiliate program with good profit so let’s get started How you can target affiliate program?

Picking the right affiliate program to maximize conversions, the first thing that you need to do is to understand different monetization methods. I’ve already described how an affiliate program works in the introduction of this training.

However, different affiliates offer to convert in different ways. Paper click the words of your content trigger PPC contextual ad systems to show ads that target those words native ads are not contextual. Instead, they use pictures that look like Article thumbnails. When people click on the native ad, you get paid paper sale.

Yes, When somebody clicks on your PBS which is either tied to text or graphics, they have to buy something for you to earn a commission pay per action CPA paper action offers to pay you money.

When people click on your link to see some form when they fill out the way you earn money—pretty straightforward right.

CPA involves less friction to the user. Frequently people just need to enter their email address for you to make 20 cents to up to a dollar. Not too bad.

Merchandise affiliate programs our affiliate programs that sell physical products. When people see ads on your Website, you won’t get paid when people click the ads. You only get paid a commission when your visitors buy products on how to sell affiliate programs. Ask yourself the following factors when picking one particular affiliate program over another is the offer directly or closely related to your niche.

Look at the programs offered, not necessarily the program itself. Many programs cater to many different niches. You have to look through their offerings to see if there is something that Titely fits your niche.

Is the offer already heavily promoted? Search the name of the offer or the name of the company. Avoid saturated offers. How secure is the conversion point of the proposal? Ideally, you should look for an offer that only requires a click for you to get paid and that’s not happening.

Look for offers that pay you for every email or zip code entered into a form. If that isn’t available, then look at proposals that pay you per sale at a very high percentage. How flexible is the program in terms of advertising?

Does a program require you to use their materials, or are they OK with you coming up with your stuff? Can you use incentives? You don’t want to rack up tons of commissions only to get banned without getting paid.

Do they offer flexible landing pages? Does the program allow you to come up with your landing pages, or do they have their own? If they have their own.

Are there many different versions? Be clear about how the sponsor is going to be converting your traffic. Do they allow tracking URLs as much as possible? You want to account for every click you get from your online properties. Even if you’re buying traffic from places like Facebook, you still want to track your clicks. This way you can see which pages work in which sources of paid traffic you should reinvest in. Do they allow redirect domains if you don’t want affiliate programs to find out where you’re getting your traffic?

They can smoothly go to where you’re getting your traffic and still your traffic right out from under you. Also, you don’t want your end-users to see a long link when they put their cursor over a link. This is a turnoff.

Make sure you’re allowed to use redirect links to clean up and hide long affiliate URLs.

How much does the program pay? The proper way to analyze this, of course, is through comparison. When you compare different offer payouts to each other. You should have a reasonably clear idea of whether an offer makes sense.

For example, if there is an offer that you know will convert well, but the pay is relatively low. This may still be a good deal compared to a program that pays well with the offer, but the proposal has a much lower conversion rate.

How many offers does the program have? The more the program specializes in your niche, the more you should prioritize it. I’m not saying that you should not run offers from other programs. Still, since this particular program seems to specialize in your needs, you should spend more of your time promoting this program in the program and be promoted using a wide range of conversion systems.

If you can use direct mailing list content and other types of traffic conversion systems you might want to pick such a program. Pay close attention to all of the above. If you find a very flexible program, you might make more money with it than more rigid schedules.

How to Create a niche-focused conversion system?

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

To create Niche focused conversion systems what is a conversion system. A conversion system is a tool that you use to convert traffic into cash.

 It can take many different forms. It can be a blog. It can be a mailing list. It can be an ad you took out on Google ad words or Facebook it can be an article that you paid a blogger to post. It can be a picture with a promo code that you paid an Instagram personality to post.

Whatever form it takes. A conversion system is simply a tool. It’s all about drawing and taking traffic and converting it into cash.

What follows is a discussion of modern conversion systems. These are the latest and greatest conversion systems. These are the most common.

Of course, I’m not going to pretend that this is a comprehensive list. That’s not the case. Not by a long shot. Instead, these are just the conversion systems that you are more likely to run into when you surf the Internet.

 Direct Link promotion

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

 What is Direct Link Promoting? With this system, you make money by basically taking the affiliate link the program gives you in buying traffic for that link.

You go to Facebook you select a picture you set up a budget and then for the section you put in your link. Pretty straightforward you’re buying traffic and pumping it directly to your link.


The most significant advantage of this conversion system is that you get traffic quickly. You don’t have to scrounge around for traffic.


You may have to spend a lot of money before you start making money if at all.

There’s a lot of experimentation that has to take place before you can fine-tune your targeting parameters for Facebook or Google Adwords.

What is content-based ad traffic?

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

With this conversion system, you create content maybe you’re promoting the content on somebody else’s website and paying them money to publish it, or you have a content site like a blog. Whatever the case maybe there’s a link in your content.

If people click on that link, they go to another page on your Web site that promotes the affiliate offer. Or they go directly to your affiliate sponsor.

These links can take the form of a text link, or they can be linked to an image.


The significant advantage of content-based and traffic is that you get to play a vital role in shaping the mindset of your traffic. You’re not just putting an ad in front of them on a purely take it or leave it situation.

With content you get to speak to their needs, you get to draw attention, you get a chance to awaken a desire in them to want to click through to learn more about your solution to their problem.

You also get to brand your customers’ eyeballs. You get to send them all sorts of signals and information so they can somehow someway link your brand with a specific set of values that they’re looking for in a product.


Unless you’re paying for placement of your article or blog posts, traffic can be an iffy proposition if you are already a traffic generation master.

Then you don’t have to worry about this.

However, if you’re like most people and you’re kind of rusty when it comes to driving consistent traffic using content to promote affiliate programs may not pan out.

Email-based traffic.

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

This is my personal favorite. The vast majority of people who go to your blog or see your content are never going to come back.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you get them to develop a long term relationship with you? So you have a way of getting them to come back to your Web site or at least have an idea of reaching them to click on an affiliate link. Building an email list enables you to do these.

You promote your mailing list through your content or pay traffic on Adwords or Facebook. When people enter their email address, you develop a relationship with them.

You can keep sending them updates until a point in time where they click on a link, and they buy something, or they may get sick and tired of your emails, and they unsubscribe.

Regardless you have many chances of converting them later on.


The big significant advantage of email marketing is that you get many bites at the apple. You’re not stuck with either converting them right there and then instead you develop a relationship with them.

If you send compelling enough content or engaging enough material, they may click on a link and do something that adds money to your bank account.

Another great thing about email marketing is that you can market to your customers wherever and whenever.


It takes time to build up a mailing list.

Sometimes list marketing is costly because of lists squatters.

These are people who join your mailing list but never unsubscribe even though they have stopped reading your updates.

You have to police these people actively, or they will cost you a pretty penny in mailing service charges. Most email systems charge you based on how big your mailing list is not based on how many people open your updates to nuke list squatters. Many email systems like a Weber enables you to identify list members who haven’t opened your emails and purge them.

Review traffic.

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

You can post a review of either the product you’re promoting or another product that’s related to the product you are promoting.

This content attracts traffic from the Internet because people are looking for reviews before they buy.


The significant advantage to review traffic that it’s direct traffic. It’s sporadic that you would get people who are not interested in what you were viewing why you’re examining this stuff that they’re thinking of buying.

Similarly, if you’re promoting a product that is related to the product that people want to review for you also get direct traffic. Why well these people are directly interested in a product that is related closely enough to the actual product that you’re promoting. This is just as good as direct traffic.

The game is to get them to change their minds about the product that they want to be reviewed so they can take a look at the stuff that you are promoting. Pretty clever.


One typical example of this is somewhat related review traffic involves scam or anti-fraud reviews. You would take the product name and then put the word scam or fraud and a question mark at the end.

When people read the review, it turns out that the review is a reasonably neutral evaluation of the product they’re interested in. But near the beginning of the end, you get them excited about a related product that you claim is not a scam.

This is a very high variation that pulls a tremendous amount of traffic from search engines.


If you target a saturated means review traffic is not going to help you.

Other marketers have saturated your space. They’re getting the most of the traffic, and there’s tiny leftover for you.

You also have to know your way around. SEO if you’re not very good with us you may still get traffic but not enough to make it worth your while

Video traffic.

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

YouTube is one of the most significant traffic sources on the Internet. And you can bet that it can deliver a tremendous amount of traffic. This is why a lot of people are creating review videos and then posting them on YouTube. They also create how-to our instructional videos to generate traffic.

When people do a search in your Niche, and they see your video, they view the video and then when you refer them to a link in the description they can click on the link, and you get traffic.


Video traffic is very powerful because it’s easier to rank on YouTube than Google search engine. You stand a high chance of getting more traffic from YouTube than regular Google.


Suppose you’re niches in any way saturated or overpopulated. Forget YouTube also. You may have to buy used for your video to provide social proof.

The more views your videos have, the more people would want to click through and view them.

Search platform with original content.

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

This tool involves creating a search engine that enables people to look through content related to those

affiliate offers excellent examples of this include airline booking websites as well as hotel booking websites


Here bring more value to the table. You’re not just sharing an article with affiliate links. Instead, people can cross-reference different products so they can make the right choice or they can find specific information about a product and then make a choice.


The significant disadvantage with search platforms featuring original content is the cost. Either you know how to program specialized search engines and do it yourself, or you’re going to have to spend quite a bit of money getting this done for you.

Niche product review platform.

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

A lot of affiliates are putting up searchable platforms where people can read different reviews of products in a niche. They can then cross-reference different products. This also includes travel destinations or restaurants.

Review platforms are very powerful because people are looking for specific types of information service. An excellent example of this is the trip advisor.


The significant advantage of product review platforms is that you’re adding value to the life of the user. They’re not just getting random information.

They can cross-references information they can look at materials posted by other people. Also, this platform tends to create a community around content when people show up at TripAdvisor, for example. They share their stories.


These custom coded platforms can cost a lot of money to produce.

You need special coding to pull this off. You also have to have a robust content management system. You can’t just rely on WordPress to carry you through.

I am creating a full affiliate marketing course stay connected with us to learn full affiliate marketing with no money to be continued.

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I hope now you will understand how to target affiliate program with good profit

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