How to target affiliate program with good profit

How to target affiliate program with good profit

How to target affiliate program with good profit
How to target affiliate program with good profit

Hi, I am Qaseem your instructor this is our second part of our Affiliate Marketing course in which you are going to learn how to target affiliate program with good profit so let’s get started How you can target affiliate program?

First of all, you have to pick the right affiliate program so that you can maximize your conversion, firstly you have to understand monetization methods and also their alternatives and how they work. I already described how affiliate programs work at the beginning of the introduction. 

Different affiliate offers like CPA, CPL, CPS convert in different ways. Pay Per Click is an advertisement by which you can promote your affiliate link how it works the word of your content triggers for PPC contextual ad system they show your ad to those targeted words. Another way is native ads they are not contextual ads they use pictures that look like an article thumbnail. and whenever someone clicks and fulfills your affiliate link requirement you will get paid.

CPA is a type of affiliate marketing (Cost Per Action) when someone clicks on the link and fill out the form you will get paid. pretty straightforward.

CPA is not too hard for users because mostly they just have to entire their E-mail or like their small information for 20 Cents to 1 dollar.

Merchandise affiliate programs are those affiliate programs that sell physical products. These types of affiliate programs don’t allow you to earn for a form filling or like clicking on your ads. you will be only get paid when someone buys a product or service from that given link. how you can sell those products of that affiliate program? You should ask yourself and follow some factors when you are picking an affiliate program. 

  1. Pick an offer that is directly or indirectly related to your niche.
  2. Look for something that fits your niche.
  3. The selected offer shouldn’t be promoted heavily.

Search that offer or that company on the internet and check. If the offer is heavily promoted jump to the other one because we don’t want to promote saturated offers. You should look for an offer that can pay you for the click. And I’m sure that can’t be happening.

I suggest you look for those offers that can pay you for filling email, zip code in a form. If that is not available. Then you should search for those offers that pay you per sale and have a high percentage of commission. Must check their programs advertising terms and policy.

Does that program allow you to come up with your stuff or you are required to use their own? Are you allowed to use incentives? Don’t try to increase your earnings by yourself you will get ban without getting paid.

Do they offer their landing page? Do they allow you to promote their product with your landing pages, Or you have to use their own? If so are there many versions of that landing page. 

Be clear about how your traffic is going to convert. Do they allow tracking URLs? You should count every click you are receiving from your online properties. Even if you are purchasing traffic from Facebook. You still want to track your clicks. So in this way, you can check which page is working smartly and you are getting paid from and it will help you where to reinvest. Do they allow redirect domains? if you don’t want an affiliate program to find out where you are getting traffic?

Make sure you are allowed to use a redirect link to hide your long affiliate URLs.

How much the Program pay? Of course, you have to analyze and compare different offers and their payouts to each other. you have to check whether the offer makes sense or it is senseless.

For example, If you find an offer that pays low but has a higher conversion rate then it is still a good offer to promote. But if you find an offer that pays you a high commission but the proposal has a lower conversion rate that is difficult to convert.

Check How many offers does the program have? The more the program specializes in your niche the more you should prioritize it. I’m not saying that you should not run other programs offers, Since that program seems to specialize in your niche you should spend more of your interest in promoting that program. 

If you are using a mailing list content or maybe other types of traffic conversions system you might pick such a program. Pay close attention to all of those points I have mentioned above. If you find out a very flexible program you can make money with it.

Best Affiliate Programs List.

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