How To Make Money With Clickbank On Autopilot Free?

Hey, Friends, I’m Qaseem, and I will show you how to make money with Clickbank on autopilot free. Making money with Clickbank on autopilot is such a difficult task that almost very few affiliate marketers achieve success in the autopilot methods. Well, I will give you an easy way to earn money using Clickbank. 

How To Make Money With ClickBank On Autopilot For Free
How To Make Money With ClickBank On Autopilot Free

First of all, you need a verified click bank account, go to the search box, search for (SOI) offers, List of SOI offers will be appear, then click on any offer you like and then promote. 

Basically, these offers are just single opt-in offers. How did these offers work? When you get your promote link, you can share it with your audience. If you don’t have an audience, you can hire an influencer who can share your offer with his audience. 

How Can I Earn Money From ClickBank Fast?

Select only those SOI offers which can give you $1 or more and have a giveaway like ” winning iPhone 11 or an Amazon Gift Card “. So people will like to fill the forms in your affiliate link. 

Go to a website called Shoutcart, then search for an Instagram influencer that relates to your offer. You can find very cheap influencers on that website. You can hire from $10 to $50.

When you have done that part, send them some attractive posters of your offer, So if you can hire an influencer for $10 who has 10k followers. If only 1% of his/her followers sign up for your offer, you can still make $100 in a single day. 

How To Make Money With ClickBank On Autopilot Free?

As you know, the free method is not an autopilot method. You have to put your efforts into making money with ClickBank. Follow the steps below to make money with ClickBank without spending money.

Go to “Facebook create a fan page with the name of the offer.” then make your Facebook page attractive by uploading a logo or cover photo. And then upload your offer links and posters. Or other content related to your affiliate offer. 

Go to ” and create an account.” after creating an account, go to “Social Media Exchanger.” Click on any social media name and earn credit. The more you earn credit more chances you have to make money.

When you earned credit, you can go to the “Add and manage page.” Then click on the “Facebook share.” Now you have to fill up the information on your page like “URL or Short description then set credit you want to give to each person who shares your post.” After that, click on add URL. 

Now the benefit of winning offers is, people are easy to convert into a lead. Because when they come to your Facebook post and they see that they can win an “iPhone 12.” There are a lot of chances that they will sign up on your given link. 


Using this trick has a disadvantage. If you open offers in your click bank account, there you can see in the description mostly products allow specific countries, or maybe sometimes areas.

In the free method, you are not allowed to select a specific country or area. The people who are sharing your post can be from anywhere in the world.

Can You Actually Make Money On ClickBank?

Yes, if you want to make money on autopilot. You can use these tricks t generate money from ClickBank. Also, it depends on your location. Nowadays, Clickbank doesn’t allow Asian countries. If you are from a country that a ban by Clickbank, You can use the alternatives like Digistore24 or JVZoo

I hope you get your answer about how to make money with Clickbank on autopilot free?

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