How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

Hi, I’m Qaseem your Instructor, and today we are going to discuss how to make $3000 a month from home even beginner can do this. What is the logic to make money fast let me explain to you quickly how to make $3000 a month.

How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.
How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

I have to take my phone and it told me that I had earned 500 dollars passive income just like that, and every single month I receive 500 dollars. And this is only just one of those three ways how you can make passive income.

I’m going to explain exactly how you can make passive income in these three different ways. All you need to do is just go to 🤫 what is up your guys.

It’s right up here. And in this way, from three different ways, how you can make passive income anywhere in the world.

Passive income means that you will make money even while you are sleeping or while you are laying down at the beach enjoying the sunshine or spending time with your loved ones, with your girlfriend, or with you’re kids if you have some kids.

So this is something absolutely amazing and very excited, all excited to create a suite. And I’m sure you will find this valuable. So let’s start with number one. This is, in my personal opinion, the easiest way, the easiest way to make money. We make passive income online.

Stock Market.

How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.
How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

And this is probably the first way how I also personally start making some passive income online. And it is called stock market investing. What it means is that you buy some shares of companies, for example, Apple or Amazon or Google, and then you own a small piece of that company.

And when the value of that company goes higher, you can cash out, you can earn commissions or every single year they pay some dividends.

So you will earn some passive income. Also, many companies in the US, they pay dividends every four months.

So let’s say that every four months you get 100 dollars. All you need to do is just to invest some of these companies, put your money there, and hold the shares. And then a lot of websites where are going to do this.

You can just Google the best stock brokers in your country. If you are living in the U.S., you can type best stock brokers in the U.S. If you are living in, for example, Germany, you can type in your language to find the best stockbrokers, then read the reviews, find the best ones.

And before you start putting some money in, I recommend that you grab some, for example, two or three bestsellers about stock market investing.

So you understand the basics, how you can make money with this stock market investing is pretty simple.

My recommendation is that you diversify your portfolio, meaning that you buy several big ones for a smaller amount of money and then you just hold them for life. So you just buy them and you keep them forever.

You don’t do trading, you don’t buy and sell, you don’t buy and sell.

You just buy it. You hold them forever. And this is not official investment advice. This was my recommendation.

So don’t take it like you must do it immediately. It is just my personal opinion and recommendation. It has brought the work over the time course. And that’s also what let’s say most successful investors seem to recommend.

Also, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world. He says for an average investor, the best way is to buy so-called diversified mutual funds. So you buy a piece of a mutual fund, meaning that you get the small share of all the big ones. So you get some Apple, you get some Google, you get some Amazon, you get the small piece of everything by investing in this kind of mutual fund.

So this was just a very short description of what the stock market investing. How are you going to get started? I recommend that you research more, but this is all about giving ideas. How you can make passive income and stock market investing is the easiest way.

The only thing you need to do is click a couple of times and then you can start earning some passive income. The drawback is that you probably need some capital to get started. And the second thing is that if you want to earn a lot of money, you also need a lot of money.

And the income is not so high compared to these other resources that I’m going to explain in a moment. So stock market investing in the long term, it’s not very risky in the long term. It seems that things that go up and up and up all the time course if you take a look at the last 150 years, you’ll see that things are going up and up all the time.

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How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.
How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

The second one is riskier. That’s called cryptocurrencies. I have invested in cryptocurrency already since 2015. As you have seen, they have gone up and up and up, but sometimes they have been crashing.

So cryptocurrency is much riskier, the stock market investing, but they can also make much higher returns. For example, my record back in the days I made like 50000 euros 😱 in two months, however, I didn’t sell it.

I sold some of it. Then I bought some risky cryptocurrency and.

I lost almost that whole 50000 euros  😥 quite fast, so that’s what can happen. So that’s an example illustrates to you how much you can make and also lose with cryptocurrency. So be careful if you would ask for my opinion.

Where should you invest in cryptocurrency? Because there are so many different ones. My recommendation would be to buy Bitcoin, hold it for the long term, and then never sell it. Said it when the value is like one million per bitcoin or something like that if you want to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.

There are also some of them, for example, Bankera that I’m holding myself that pays you some dividends or for example, Binance coin.

So they have a cryptocurrency about their crypto exchange.

And every time somebody uses their exchange, every time somebody uses their platform, their website, you earn some small commissions for that. And there are also some other types of cryptocurrency can earn passive income.

Some of them are very simple, some of them are complicated. My recommendation is that if you don’t understand how it works, don’t invest.

If you understand and you feel it’s good that you understand the basics and you make the research, do the research, then you can invest, but make sure that you understand.

But the cryptocurrency is something very volatile. You can make a lot of money or lose a lot of money. But this is one of our passive income ideas.

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Affiliate Marketing.

How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.
How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

The third one I want to mention, which is much more stable, like if you want to earn a stable income that grows and grows and grows, grows, basically every single month, you start earning more its affiliate marketing.

And I am also doing it myself. That’s my main source of income currently. It means that you will make money by promoting someone else’s product. And how you can do this automatically is, for example, writing blog posts or creating videos.

And when somebody clicks your link and buys something, you will earn a commission. So, for example, I have a YouTube channel. I have lots of videos there. Every time somebody clicks the links and goes and buys something, I earn a commission, or I have a blog post where I have more than 700 blog posts on my blog.

And every time somebody goes there, click something and buy something. I earn a commission for that so you can earn money while you are sleeping or doing whatever you want. I learned affiliate marketing through the community called Wealthy Affiliate, and afterward, I have increased my skills even more through the training called Legendary Marketer.

And I got started as a complete beginner and I learned to make a living online with affiliate marketing and I have seen that anybody can do it.

So that’s something very interesting and inspiring.

The benefit of affiliate marketing is also that you have full control of the stock market. You cannot control what happens, though. Things may go up or they go down or cryptocurrency. They may do everything in the world with affiliate marketing.

You control, you can control to promote, you can control where you promote it, how much you promote. What do you do? You have full control over your income. If you want to earn more, you can do more. So with affiliate marketing, I like that you can control your income.

So that’s one of the biggest benefits. And also the income potential is huge once you start doing and learning.

I have also created a short course on affiliate marketing you can check it. It will help you to get in step into affiliate marketing.

Real Estate Investing.

How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.
How To Make $3000 A Month From Home For Beginner.

The next one that I want to mention is called real estate investing. And that’s also what I mentioned during the intro, mentioning that every single month I get 500 dollars to my bank account just by checking out my phone because I have bought an apartment in Finland, my the whole country, and every single month the tenant pays me the rent and I own money for that like this.

And the more apartments you buy, the more money you will earn like this. Of course, you will need to pay some courses for maintaining the apartment.

But I will say that real estate investing is one of the most popular ways in the world to earn passive income. It’s like passive income, one or one, or let’s say old school because it’s so popular. It has been there for years or even hundreds of years.

You buy our apartment and then rent it to somebody else or let’s say you buy an office space and you rented to the company and you earn money for that.

And the benefit with this one is that once you have done like both apartments and then you have rented it to somebody, then it’s easy.

Like it takes some effort to research apartment research to the area and do all this kind of stuff.

This takes effort. But once you have bought it, once you have somebody living there and paying the rent, then it starts to become easier.

One drawback of real estate investing is, of course, that it requires more capital because you cannot just buy a house without money, something you need some money.

And usually, you will need to go to the bank and ask for a loan, also for financing and the. I think you may need some of the said cast so that you can be part of the apartment. So let’s say for broke people, this is not the best way.

But once you start earning some money, then this can be a great way to earn some more passive income, little by little. And of course, with real estate investing, because now we are usually talking about some bigger money.

I recommend that you researched very well before you get started to do your research. And then you study and you learn. You ask from some of the more experienced people and then you start doing because otherwise, you might just lose money in bad deals, on the other hand.

I would also say it’s just got in the game because that’s how you learn any of these ways to make passive income losers get in the game you start doing and then you start learning by doing what with the real estate, the mistakes that you make, they will be more expensive.

So that’s why I recommend that you research very well before you get started special researching the area where they want to buy it and compare the prices, calculate the apartment, calculate the cost, calculate income.

Because, Professor, are real estate investors, they say that purchases they are made with the calculator. They are not made with the heart or mind or something abstract like this.

You make purchases with your calculator, you calculate that everything works well, and when you buy it and then you rent it further and then you start earning this passive income.

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So i hope now this is clear that how to make $3000 a month or more by this article you can easily make $3000 a month


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