How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams.

Hi, I’m Qaseem your instructor today we are going to learn how to create the most successful workplace teams for our business So our topics are listed below as you can see So let’s get started.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams
How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

So we have done How To Start A Company and Why Build A Website For Small Business.

So in this part Of Our Course How to Earn As A Teacher, I will talk about how to create the most successful workplace teams for your company. This part also include the following.

  • How to find tutors for your company.
  • How to find students,
  • How to set the right price for a course,
  • How to build your team.

How To Find Tutors.

But before I start how to find tutors. I would like to point out of one very important point here, that before you find any student, it’s very important that you find tutors, because what happens if you find some students and you don’t have a tutor who will teach them you are not going to start this as a teacher because you are going to start the business as a business owner who it’s better that you even if you are a teacher in your life, it’s better that you should not start as a teacher because your focus will be then distracted.

It’s always better that you will act like a business owner, but not the teachers. Your teachers should work for you. You should not work as a teacher. So it’s very important. So let’s start with the slide.

So in my opinion, the best countries to find the teachers are Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. I’m sure there are other countries as well, but I have worked with the teachers from these countries in the past.

So the next step is to make sure that your teachers are legit and professionals. It’s always good that you take their casual interviews.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams
How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

You can easily Google it and come up with a list of questions for your teachers. You have to make sure that you have the right and professional teachers, you have the right teachers who are willing to work with you.

And you also have to make sure that they are already teaching online and if possible, ask them to provide some references to you or link to their profile page where you can read reviews about them.

You need to do everything to make sure these are legit teachers. And who knows the subject very well, because, at the end of the day, your company relies on them. our brand relies on them.

So a very good place to get their reviews, as I mentioned, so a very good place. That I’ve found online where you can find a lot of teachers is the website called UrbanPro.Com, you will find many good teachers there.

But keep in mind that you do your total research and reach out to the teachers in person.

The best way that I like is to connect with teachers on WhatsApp. And most likely these teachers are working already for some company. Or it might be teaching or they might be teaching individually.

So you can partner with some other company in India or Pakistan that already has a lot of teachers in your niche. That will be a great success for your company to be a partner with them, however, never rely on one company.

So it’s always better that you understand their requirements clearly. And if you end up coming up with the numbers and the contract with that company, make sure you have put everything in writing with them after that.

You need to make sure that you talk to every teacher by yourself and have them edit, in your WhatsApp when you connect with your teachers.

It’s important that you listen to them, right, because their communication must be one of the best when you connect with them through audio.

You need to make sure that their communication is not worst of it should be really good. Right. Communication is very important and it is easy for your students to understand and follow them. It’s very important.

You can also ask them to provide you the course details about the course that they are going to teach. Also, the length of the course, like how long they’re going to take to complete the course and obviously how many days the timings, when they are available to conduct the class is better that you put everything on the paper. So that way you will remember that.

How To Find Students.

As you can see our topic how to find students, this part of the course is the most important part of the series, because if students are your customers, these are the people who will pay you the money.

This is the only source of income in your business. Everything else is an expense. You need to make sure that the students that you find will become your students and will remain your students.

For now, let’s talk about how you can reach out or find new students for your business. Let’s look into that. So as we all know, that social media is the best resource out there to find students, LinkedIn is a great place where you can find many students for your business.

The first group that I gathered a student for came in from LinkedIn take LinkedIn very seriously. Again, you need to focus on the people related to your industry. Many companies run campaigns on YouTube and Facebook nowadays.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams
How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

So you can run your campaigns as well on YouTube and Facebook, many companies run campaigns on YouTube and Facebook nowadays. You did a lot of marketing on YouTube itself, felt since you were just starting, you might not have a big budget to run the ad campaign on YouTube or Facebook or whatever. Your best bet is LinkedIn.

And you can try local radio channels or newspapers as well. I don’t have a lot of luck with that, but again, there is no harm in trying that. It’s also very important that you communicate with each of your students and take good care of them.

So you have to also make sure that you check your students from time to time if they experience any issues, always keep in mind that you answer your student’s questions and help them in every way possible.

You should be able to connect them and also help them so that they can connect with their teachers, or if they come across any obstacle, then you are there to help them out.

You also have to join time to time the classes that you conduct so that you can observe all your students there that are taking the class and feel free to interrupt during the class and ask your student if they’re OK with the teacher teaching style.

And you can also ask them if they’re looking for something more from the teacher. But make sure your teacher has no problems with that because some teachers do not like the interruptions in their class whatsoever.

Another important aspect of the training is not that you will award a certificate of completion to your students in the name of your company so you can find an online draft or just Google it.

You will find it a lot of online drouths that you can use as a certificate of completion for your company. Just put your company name, their student’s name there, and sign then.

But you can provide that draft to your teachers so that it will be part of their job so that they provide the certificate of completion to each student after completing the course. So you don’t need to work on that as well.

You just provided a draft to your teacher and then they can work on that. So another important item is that try to use google forms to conduct the feedback from your students.

Do not ask for a lot of feedback and service again and again. However, in the end, you have to make sure that your students will get value out of their course.

Right Price For Course.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams
How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

So another big factor that I have personally experienced, that if you have not set the right price of course, then either student cannot afford it if it’s too high or they might think that was not a very valuable course if it is too low. Do you know what I mean?

How To Build Your Team.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams, as I’ve discussed earlier after you start making some money out of this business, you need to start building your team. As a first step because.

You can hire an employee that runs your social media campaign or who can help you to manage a company that is running a social media campaign for you because you’re not the one person who can keep running your business forever. Right.

You need a team who can share the responsibilities so that you can enjoy at the back seat the money that comes in, but make sure you had an employee that’s another expense.

How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams
How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams

Make sure that your company is already doing that good, that you can handle the team cost or an expense, you know, out of it without any issues. At the end of the day, it has to make sense.

So definitely higher employee that runs your social media campaign or who can help you to manage a company that is running a social media campaign for you?

The same employee also can be used to take a new worker in the store and phone calls, emails, etc.. Please keep in mind that you treat your employee with great respect and responsibility and pay him or her well.

Yeah, you need to build a very good team with the people who have a lot of integrity. You know, you cannot win with a team of losers. You need to find a good team that can support you. And definitely, you will also help your team act as a leader, but don’t become like a district manager or something like that for them.

Don’t do a lot of micromanagement, try to be mean between the micro and the macro. So just to be a nice person, you know, but don’t be too nice, OK? You need to be in the middle of that. But keep that in mind so your team will continue. You know, your business as it grows. So your team grows with your business. So that’s what the overall idea about team building is.

I hope you understand the idea behind it, that it’s important that at some point you have to build your team because when your business goes to the next level, you can’t just working by yourself.

You need to find an employee. You need to hire more people for yourself so that they can help you to run your business.


Here are the key items that I would like to conclude with. So is the company that should be a legal entity in your state or your country superimportant, OK, build a brand that people can trust.

Another super important point, because it’s very important for the success of your business. Otherwise, you might it might work for some time, but it might not work on a long term basis. So make sure that you build a brand.

OK, all of these help your students keep that thing in your mind. The students are your customers. Always remember that your students are your customers.

They are the people who pay you to take student feedback very seriously and act accordingly. You know, it’s very important also to a special niche. As an example, don’t target every course in the industry.

Like, you know, you can either try coding or web development or automation or whatever you like. You can try that. But it’s always better that you target high demand fields like cloud data science, security programming, etc..

So that’s very important and you can always check the trend and demand, so but you know, these courses like cloud and data, things like machine learning, artificial intelligence are really popular nowadays.

It’s always better that you check the Google Trends or Google searches and make sure that you are. It makes sense.

Whatever the niche, you pick it up and make sure you do your research. I already explained to you earlier in the slide how you can do that. Thorough research in the beginning. So make sure you do that.

You don’t skip that part or don’t take that part for granted. That’s all I wanted to say. Well, that’s pretty much it for this whole course. I hope you have found this both useful and rational enough to start in the business, there are things that you will learn by actually doing it.

However, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions related to this course. And I would like to say that stay safe and healthy, take care and have a good bye.


So our topic is closed here How To Create The Most Successful Workplace Teams do share this course to other teachers so they can also earn money by using this method.

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