How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Hey There I’m Qaseem Your instructor and today we are going to discuss How can you start affiliate marketing with no money. This is the trick everyone is telling on the internet in today’s world but no one is revealing the real method of how they made real money. In This course of Affiliate Marketing you are going to learn full affiliate marketing my tricks. How I start affiliate marketing with no money.

What I’m going to learn.

  • Of Course our main motive, How can i start affiliate marketing with no money. 
  • How To Choose a Marketing Program.
  • Your Path To Affiliate.
How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

So Let’s start our topic: How can I start affiliate marketing with no money? First of all you have to pick a niche in which you are interested so that there are less chances to make mistakes. Because if you want to succeed you have affiliate marketing then you have to focus. 

If you choose the wrong niche and have a good affiliate program you have to pay attention to two components of Return On Investment (ROI).  The First Component is self-explanatory. This Is Return On Investment (ROI). Question is how will you get profit from each dollar you put in your business Return On Effort (ROE). 

Simply means that how will you get good profit for every activity while putting Less time and effort into it. How do I increase my income while minimizing my effort, For every minute I spend on doing something.

How do I increase the numbers of dollars coming out of that activity? Both of these factors must be included in your activity. You also have to filter all your affiliate marketing decisions through all these factors otherwise you are not going to make that much money in this field. You have to fully focus on the commercial value of your selected niche. 

How do you make sure that you are hitting (ROE) or (ROI) target? It is very simple to maximize your (ROE) or (ROI) you have to pick a right niche and then you have to select the right affiliate program. 

A lot of people get wrong orders. They Often build their business like an affiliate program but the result is they fail to target sometimes the targeted niche is too hard to saturate for them to generate profit. 

Follow the steps to generate high (ROI) and (ROE) in less effort.

Marketing Program

This is an important part because you also have to choose a good affiliate program if you are really interested in making money.

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money
How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Step 1.

Identify your personal interest and write it down on the top of your head of your list. Write all the things you are passionate about. And write it down line by line according to your interest. Because you have to hit the point where you are passionate. Don’t hit the topic you don’t know.

Step 2.

I suggest you use google keyword planner tool to check the commercial value of the keyword of your niche or keyword which are related to your niche. Google Adword keyword planner tool will tell you an average cost of the cost per click. 

Don’t pick the niche which is very expensive or nor the topic that is very cheap. Pick a topic that is in the middle. Pick a topic that is commercially attractive.

Keep in mind that you are picking a topic that is not extremely difficult or nor that topic which is not in demand.

Step 3.

Use Google keyword planner tools GKPT. Why? GKPT will allow you to see the monthly search volume of the keyword. Like the previous step don’t choose a topic which is extremely high or nor the topic which is not in demand.

Not too much traffic or not too less. If you choose a topic having a lot of traffic, maybe it has a high competition and if the traffic is too low then maybe it isn’t worth it or maybe it can not make you good money.

Step 4.

Use Google Search to find competition.

Enter the keyword in the main search box of the google and it will show you the related keyword. Remove the topic which has too much competition. Avoid targeting saturated niches. You don;t have to build a website and put all the time and effort to find that there is too much competition. 

Step 5. 

Check your keyword on social media platforms to determine coverage. Enter the remaining niche keyword onto social media and check Facebook Group, Twitter account hashtags, and other indicators and social interest.

Pick those niches that have a decent amount of social interest. Because you are going to build a website or promote your affiliate link to those social media places.

Step 6.

Use Google Trends to check that your niche is stable growing in demand. You don’t have to build a castle of those affiliate niches which have already ruined out.  

Use Google Trend and search for the niche. Did you see the arrow going upward or going down or flat? 

If you see the flare line or if you see it decreasing in popularity remove that niche on you list. Only focus on those niches that are growing upward and picking up popularity.

This is all about affiliate marketing for today. If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing. A full affiliate marketing course is coming. This is all about how can I start affiliate marketing with no money to be continued.

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