9 Best Ways To Get Paid to Read.

9 Best Ways To Get Paid to Read.

Book reading is the best way to learn and enhance your knowledge on any subject. If you are a book reader, you can earn by doing something you enjoy the most. It seems unbelievable, but it actually true to get paid through reading. Book reading is a good habit to look at the world with a broader vision. If you love and enjoy reading, then it is the right time to start making money from what you love to read. And if you are obsessive about reading, then wait no more and start learning how you can get paid to read and earn. It is also a win-win situation for a bookworm honestly.

Get Paid to Read
Get Paid to Read

You can get paid by reading the information in the form of books, articles, and blogs. Major corporations, bloggers, and companies are looking for readers to their site, and they will pay you in return. Some of these sites I tried and that pay to read books are below.

Get Paid To read And Review Books.

Kirkus Media.

Kirkus Media is a website that is providing great earning opportunities to book readers. It especially emphasizes on book reviews. They hire reviewers to read books and provide their reviews in 350 words roughly. If you want a job, then simply you have to submit your resume along with a writing sample. When you get selected, they will provide you a book to review. They pay a high price depending upon the volume of the book.

Women’s Review of Books.

Women’s Review of Books is a highly respected feminist publication to get paid to read books. It contains poetry, fiction, and non-fiction about women. You must send your published reviews, if any, to get considered. Once they assign you a book, you have to read it consciously and review it. They usually provide $100 per review. 

Online Book Club.

Online Book Club is a book review site providing smart earning. You do not need to write a positive review. This site will pay you for giving an honest and critical review of the book. They will gift you a book for free in the first trial. After the first trial, you will be paid for reviewing your desired books. Their payouts mostly range from $5-$60.

Publisher’s Weekly.

Publisher’s Weekly is a weekly news magazine. They focus on international-level book publishing, they publish all types of fictional and non-fictional books. They want both kinds of reviews, either traditional or self-published. They paid their hired personals, but the amount is not specified on their site. 

Book Browse.

Book Browse is a fantastic website for providing smart earning to the readers and reviewers. It is an online magazine publishing reviews or another sort of information. For joining their website, you have to submit a joining form with a 300 words sample review. After approving your work, they assign you a book for review. They also expect you to write according to your learning experience from the book. Therefore the payment for every review is different and good. 

The U.S. Review of Books.

The U.S. Review of Books is an organization offering reviews of all types of books. It is very simple to access this organization. When they publish a book title the reviewers request to read and get assigned. The company wants a 250-300 words based review for publication. You will earn on a monthly basis from this site. 

Net Galley.

Net Galley is a publishing organization requiring reviewers, educators, librarians, booksellers, and bloggers to read and review books online. There is no limitation of qualification to get started earning money through this organization. Everyone with good reviewing skills can start to earn as a paid book reviewer. 

Get Paid To Read Books App.

You can also get paid to read through your mobile apps. Many apps are now available for iOS and Android users through which you can earn by using these apps during your free time. 


Goodreads provides the finest app for your mobiles. You can submit reviews of your favorite books here. They pay an attractive amount of money to both proofreaders and in-house reviewers. For joining, send your resume, writing sample, and review articles if published any.


Scribed is a great digital library. It provides job opportunities to book reviewers and proofreaders. They not only have a great collection of e-books but also provide honest and genuine reviews of books. If they select you as an in-house viewer, they expect you to provide good and same quality work. It is essential for you to submit an honest and subjective review of the book assigned by Scribed. 

If you are a good book reader, you can use your spare time and get paid through using these resources mentioned above. These book review sites will let you earn an attractive amount of money during your spare time.

Share it with your friends so they can also make money by reading books. Also if you are interested in talking with strangers why don’t you make money with that here is a guide to get paid to talk to lonely people.

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