6 Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing
Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

6 Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Hey, I’m Qaseem Your Instructor so we have covered our topic: How can I start affiliate marketing without money, How to find a good affiliate program, and today we are going to discuss What are free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. So let’s get started.

By the way, there are many types of free traffic sources for affiliate marketing but we are going to discuss only quality free traffic that can convert to sales.

Finding good traffic sources is hard for your product or services. you should choose the niche related traffic so it is easy to convert into anything maybe Email, zip code, or sales.

So you have to focus on a niche-focused conversion system. I know you have a question What is a conversion system. A conversion system is a tool that is used to convert the incoming traffic into cash.

It can be anything maybe it is a blog a mailing list or you are running an advertisement on Google Adword or Facebook ads or it can be an article you have paid a blogger to publish on its blog or maybe you paid an Instagram influencer to post a picture with a promo code.

It is a form that could be anything that converts your traffic into cash.

So basically what are the free traffic sources for affiliate marketing that can make your offer convert into cash? There are some traffic sources I’m going to give you a brief description of those sources.

Direct Link Traffic

First, you can promote your link directly On Facebook groups or other social media groups or to those communities where you are allowed to promote you can get traffic to your affiliate link directly. The benefit of these groups is they are already discussing the topic you are promoting so there are many more chances that they can click on your link and buy and when they buy from your link then you will get paid. pretty straightforward.

Content Based Traffic.

Content based traffic is quite simple but it takes too much time to convert the traffic to your affiliate link. Why? The thing matter in the content based traffic is quality you have to create an account on medium or their alternative websites.

The most important thing to gain traffic from their website to your affiliate link is that you have to create trust in the audience of that website and after you get success in making the trust in the audience you can share your affiliate link through your content. 

The major benefit of this traffic is that you have created trust in the audience and they listen to you so there are many more chances that you can generate too many leads through the content based traffic.

E-mail Based Traffic.

E-mail based traffic is too famous when we discuss the traffic sources whether it is free or paid. E-mail marketing plays an important role in getting quality traffic. There is a bit of difference between free E-mail traffic or paid E-mail traffic and you know paid things always contain quality over the free things. 

If you buy an E-mail list so there are many chances that you can get too many sales but on the other hand, if you choose the free E-mail list that you have to create on your own there are a bit fewer chances that peoples buy your product. But at least peoples buy your product. You have to keep in mind that only 1% of the peoples will buy the product in your E-mail list.

Review Traffic

Review traffic is one of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing because you know that Everyone in this world always checks reviews whenever he/she buys a product whether it is online or offline. You have to take advantage of these habits of peoples who?

Search for the reviews of the product you are promoting keep in mind that you don’t have to choose the product that has a large market or nor the product has a very fewer market, choose in middle. Go to the reviews website and put your reviews of that product on those websites whenever someone clicks on your review and buy it you will get your commission.

Video Traffic

Most used method for gaining traffic to any link on. How to gain video traffic? Well, this is quite easy or It can be hard here he why there are two methods to gain video traffic first one is from youtube video if you don’t have a youtube channel you can pay any YouTuber which is related to you niche then he/she will promote your affiliate link or on other hands if you own a youtube channel you can promote your link. 

One more method to gain traffic from youtube search for a low competition keyword related to your affiliate product than make a video it is quite easy to make a video search on youtube how to create an animation video and make then create a Youtube channel and publish it on. 

Why I’m saying that because of the competition is low then you are able to rank your video in Google Search Engine and you will get organic traffic from search engine and that is quality traffic and much easier to convert into cash.


Reddit is a giant forum website where you can submit your advice about your ideas and can discuss the affiliate product you want to promote you just have to find your niche related subreddit and start the discussion on Reddit. A warning is that Reddit doesn’t like anyone to post the link directly.

You have to create trust in the audience and have to earn karma points that will allow you to post in the groups your advice. Don’t just promote your link because that will count you as a spammer and once you have been blacklisted then you may permanently get a ban.

The thing I suggest you, Is to try all of this method and be patient. At least you create your trust in the audience who are interested in your niche or your related niche.


The key to affiliate marketing success in 2020 beyond is to focus on what works.

Do a lot of experiments with traffic sources and conversion tools. But at the end of the day, you need to identify what works. Optimize it so it converts at the highest predictable level possible and then scales it up.

In other words, do more of it get more of that type of traffic and produce more of that type of conversion tool. You should also optimize by changing your offers to ensure that you present an offer that converts at the highest predictable level.


Many little streams of revenue add up to a big river. Scale-up in terms of volume or scale up in terms of conversions. Whatever the case maybe you need to scale up.

If this means that you’re going to have to create many more websites with each of them making a small trickle of cash go for it. However, if you feel that your time is better spent building fewer sites with higher conversion rates go down that route. Whatever the case maybe make your decision and stick to it.

So that all about free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. I wish you the greatest success.

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