Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing
400Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Hi, I’m Qaseem your instructor today we will continue the free traffic sources for affiliate marketing generation strategy and learn how to generate free traffic through online forums my one of the best free traffic sources strategy have a look how you can generate thousands of traffic to your affiliate link or product. let’s start

Traffic generation strategies. category number 4 Forums

Forums are very powerful free traffic sources for affiliate marketing because people are already talking about the content on these online message boards.

You need to find discussions related to your needs and engage. People don’t just post a link and move on. Only spammers do that.


Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing
Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Reddit is one massive message board system that can be broken down into hundreds of different highly targeted subforums. These forums can really drill down regarding a particular subject matter. It’s a bad idea to try to post on the main Reddit page because the content there moves really quickly.

Moreover, people are very sensitive to the content shared there. If they think you are just trying to spam you will get banned quickly from Reddit. In fact, some people go the extra mile and try to harm your Website. So don’t do it.

Instead, look for a subreddit. These are specialized sub-message boards within the Reddit architecture. The threads here have moved slower. So your content is more likely to get eyeballs. Additionally, since they are more targeted to your niche or something related to your niche you have a greater chance of making the right connection.

Build your credibility first. Try not to post right away after you’ve created an account instead. Post comments and vote on the material being shared become part of the community. After a few days or weeks have passed. Then start sharing your content.

Don’t use clickbait titles. People hate that. Moreover, make sure you share only truly useful content. You have to remember that Reddit is quite well known for being allergic to spam.

  • If you target the right subset it’s you may be able to reach a lot of influential people in your niche. Don’t be surprised if your content starts getting backlinks from blogs related to your Niche.
  • Even if your content is not obviously Spammy. People can still complain about it. That’s how sensitive people are to spam. Do yourself a big favor when sharing content on Reddit share content that has very little obvious ads on the page. This gets people to lower their guard and let your content pass.


Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing
Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

4chan is an imageboard and message board where people share means as well as text messages 4chan is quite famous on the Internet as the home of edgy content. We’re talking about pornography. Politically incorrect posts you name it.

I mention it here because 4chan can be a very powerful free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. By the last count, it gets around 20 million visitors.

The same rules for Reddit apply to a 4chan. Although when you ask a typical Fortune user they hate Reddit users. These two communities are quite similar when it comes to their attitude to spam.

So if you’re thinking of sharing a page with a lot of ads on it don’t do it. You’re probably going to regret it because fortune is also the home of a lot of hopes as well as online activists. Consider yourself warned

  • If you share really valuable content and you focus more on raising awareness 4chan can be a very powerful tool. If the content you share raises awareness instead of actively pushing a specific product your content may get traction.
  • While 4chan can deliver quite a bit of traffic. You really have to be especially careful regarding the content you share. Otherwise, your content might be mischaracterized and you might get really abusive users to your site. Make sure you post content that truly delivers solid value.

Niche-specific forums.

Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing
Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

These message boards are focused on the niche that you specialize in. You have to post content that fits the existing discussions in these forums.

You can’t just randomly come up with a thread and then talk about your Web site trying to get people to your site. That’s not going to work. You’re going to get banned if you do that.

You have to build credibility first. This means you have to become an active participant in the forum. Maybe you should ask a lot of questions at first. Later on, you can graduate to answering a lot of other people’s questions.

Once people get used to you then you can start sharing third party content. If you don’t encounter any flag then you can start sharing some of your content mixed in with third party content.

That’s how you play the game. You don’t just share all your content all the time. That’s not going to work.

  • The great thing about niche-specific forums is you get niche-specific traffic. These are people who are already interested in your niche. They’re more likely to convert.
  • It can take quite a bit of time and effort to build enough credibility for people not to oppose you when you post on any specific forums. It also takes quite a bit of getting used to because different forums have different personalities and cultures.


The key to affiliate marketing success in 2020 beyond is to focus on what works.

Do a lot of experiments with traffic sources and conversion tools. But at the end of the day, you need to identify what works. Optimize it so it converts at the highest predictable level possible and then scales it up.

In other words, do more of it get more of that type of traffic and produce more of that type of conversion tool. You should also optimize by changing your offers to ensure that you present an offer that converts at the highest predictable level.

Diversification is crucial.

Nowhere in this training do I say that you should just stick to one method.
At the very least you should stick to maybe three to five methods.
This way you will always have a backup. If your preferred method for some reason or another falls apart.

In this game, nothing lasts forever. So do yourself a big favor make sure that you always have backup of traffic sources for your conversion tools.

Always remember to optimize optimization is a never-ending process. Don’t think that just because you’re able to convert it a certain percentage that you’re stuck there. There’s always room for improvement. The only question is how much time you have for it.

But once you have set up a stable system and you have many different conversion tools all set up and they’re producing trickles of cash optimize all of them.


Many little streams of revenue add up to a big river. Scale-up in terms of volume or scale up in terms of conversions. Whatever the case maybe you need to scale up.

If this means that you’re going to have to create many more web sites with each of them making a small trickle of cash go for it. However, if you feel that your time is better spent building fewer sites with higher conversion rates go down that route. Whatever the case maybe make your decision and stick to it.

I wish you the greatest success.

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