4 Proven Social Media Traffic Strategies

4 Proven Social Media Traffic Strategies

Hey guys I’m Qaseem your instructor and today we will check out some proven social media traffic strategies that drive social traffic to tour affiliate link.

why are we using social media traffic because it is the fastest way to bring traffic to any link in a short period. So before we begin let’s clear some questions about social media traffic strategies.

Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic

what is social media traffic?

social media traffic refers to the traffic coming from the social media platforms it can be Facebook. where you can share your post or whenever someone clicks on the post and reach your website this will be count as social media traffic.

how to track social media traffic?

Everyone in the affiliate or its related field wants to track their users where are they coming from or what they are doing. tracking users is so simple you can use free software like bitly but it will only guide where the traffic is coming from it will not show you what your user is doing. For that, you have to use paid software but I prefer you to use a free one in the beginning.

how to target social media traffic?

By the way, if you are promoting a product or your website you must be well known about the people interest and what they are searching for. This is the main part if you are promoting a product or website because the interested audience will automatically help your product to get more reaches because they are already interested.

So let’s talk about those proven social media traffic for website or affiliate link here we are. Our number one strategy is down below.

YouTube review videos

Youtube is the biggest social media platform in the world you can directly promote your affiliate link via a review video. This will attract peoples too much because you are a third party and you are exposing their pros and their cons.

Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic

This will make a good impression on your audience and also you can promote another affiliate product that is closely related to your promoting affiliate link this is called diversion of mind. Through this strategy, you can make a hundred leads the main part is it’s free.

How to create Effective YouTube review videos

  • Feature short videos no longer than five minutes.
  • Use clickbait-style video titles to get folks that click just by reading the title. Maybe you appeal to some emotional hot button issue, or you pull out to fear.
  • Use clickbait type video still images.
  • Increase your visibility and YouTube’s internal search engine by using LSI or Latent Semantic index keywords in the title LS keywords enable you to create some context for your video which can make it more visible to people searching for your video directly or something related to it.
  • Your LS word should also be in the description of the video. It’s very important to mention your keywords in the video itself.
  • Promote your video to get its view counted up. The higher the organic in real opinions of your video, the more prominent your video will be shown when people search for something related to your video

Facebook video content

Facebook video marketing is also a proven way to convince peoples to click on the link that you have been provided in the video. A significant difference between Youtube Video and Facebook video is you have to put hashtags in your Facebook video to reach a more interested audience.

Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic

Moreover, you have to be an active publisher to share your video in the Facebook groups, walls, and Facebook page. You can share your post in the niche-specific groups so you can get a targeted audience, of course, the more you join the groups the more place you can share your content.

An amazing feature of Facebook is you are not only inviting peoples to see your videos but they can also click on the like button of your Facebook page so whenever you publish new content that user will get notified.

Twitter tweets.

Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic

Twitter is also a great option if you are promoting an affiliate product or your website. When you publish your link using trending tweets your content will appear in the trending feature. And whenever someone searches for that trend or hashtag your content will be shown there.

One more benefit of the hashtags is if other Twitter retweets your content you will get in more eyeballs and that will help in promoting your link with zero cost.


Social Media Traffic
Social Media Traffic

Instagram is also a well-known platform for marketing according to influencers. You can get mush amount of traffic to your website or affiliate link in a short time but you have to convert that audience through your photos or short videos because Instagram doesn’t allow users to click a link through the photo.

But you can create a brand on Instagram and can put your link in your bio by which you can convert your traffic into cash.

I hope after reading this you can drive social media traffic to your website or affiliate link and i think you can easily drive social media platform traffic by using this algorithm.

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