Best Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

Hi, I’m Qaseem your instructor today we are going to learn which is the cheap ways to get high traffic to an affiliate link and how it works as you know traffic booster and fast traffic bot is spamming IP traffic that can make you banned in any affiliate program so be careful a that.

Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic
Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

I have six traffic strategies and now I’m reveling my no 1 traffic source strategy that helps you getting more traffic to your affiliate link getting more traffic to make you more leads I think this is cheap ways to get high traffic. so let’s begin. Traffic generation strategies category number one.

Direct traffic to your link.

The golden rule of online marketing is simple to make money.
You have to drive traffic and convert it. Follow the strategies listed below.

This category of traffic means you buy traffic, and you dump it directly to your affiliate link you don’t redirect. You don’t create content with your affiliate link embedded in the material. Instead, you buy traffic, and you pump it directly to your link.

Facebook ads and Google ads.

Two great examples of this category of traffic are Facebook ad buys and Google Adwords keyword buys.

In the case of Facebook, you buy traffic directly tootling you had a picture and a short description. You then target specific populations on Facebook and make individual guesses regarding interest profiles.

Google Adwords you select keywords with a high level of content involving your Niche; these keywords indicate a high willingness to buy whatever it is you’re promoting.

You run the campaign to see whether you’re getting a high volume of clicks.
To do this right, you should use redirect domains with tracking.
This means that when you take out an ad on Facebook or other websites, he uses a domain that redirects the affiliate link. This is not always possible.
Make sure you follow the Terms of Service of the places you’re buying traffic from.

Redirect your domain, so your affiliate sponsor doesn’t steal your traffic from under you. It would be best if you also used targeting URLs.

These URLs are very sensitive to how people click your link. It would try to track the keyword that produced the click.

You would also pay attention to the browser details of people clicking from Facebook. Whatever the case may be when you use tracking URLs, you can make educated guesses about which ad buys lead to sales.

  • You can get lots of traffic immediately.
  • You cannot launch a big-time campaign right out of the gate.Don’t do that. You might end up spending tremendous amounts of money and then having very little to show for it.
  • You need to run small tests and make a lot of minor adjustments, and you can see which platforms produce traffic that converts. You can also modify the way you describe your link and other factors to maximize your click-through. And then, after that, maximize conversions.

Direct traffic requires a multi-step process.

You may have to spend quite a bit of money optimizing what makes this problematic is that even after you’ve spent a lot of time effort and money, there’s still no guarantee that you will generate a profit.
Direct blogger or authority site outreach.

Pay a blogger or an administrator of an authority Website to publish your content has links in it. The link can go to a redirect domain or go to an intermediary page, or it can go directly to your affiliates sponsor.

Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic
Direct traffic requires a multi-step process.

It will help if you make sure that the blogger authority you’re getting your content published on is in the same Niche as the offer that you’re promoting. Ask for a test to negotiate your best price.

You must use a tracking you URL for your affiliate link. Maybe you should try it with a redirect domain to tell where your traffic is coming from by more content placements from the places that send you the most conversions.

You can optimize your placements from places that send you a lot of traffic, but ultimately if they can’t convert, you should drop them and focus on conversions.

  • The great thing about this approach is that you get relevant traffic.
  • These are eyeballs that are directly interested in your Niche.
  • You also get to condition how they respond to your affiliate link
  • your content can qualify them for sale.

  • Also, you may want to focus on getting them on your mailing list before you sell them affiliate products.
  • You probably would have to spend quite a bit of time and money experimenting with many different third-party publishers until you reach a handful that sends consistent sales.
  • You also have to negotiate for the best pricing.

Influencer outreach

Places like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. There are influential users. These are people who run Facebook pages, or they are admins of Facebook groups. These are people who have their own YouTube video channels.

Please don’t get hung up on the number of influencers’ followers. Focus instead on how engaged and how loyal their followers are.

Make sure that they share the same Niche you.

Ask for a test buy and pay very little for the test publication of your contacts. Text link photos or videos depending on the platform on their pages. Once the results are in, and it turns out that these influencers can deliver traffic and conversions, you can start negotiating the best price for a long term relationship this may not the cheap ways to get high traffic by these ways you can get more conversions.

  • The significant advantage of influencer outreach is you are reaching out to people who are already experts or authorities in specific niches, and you end up piggybacking on their credibility and authority.
  • You have to do extensive research to save time and effort. I would suggest that you hire a virtual assistant. There are so many influencers out there you’ll need help contacting them.
  • You have to do extensive research to save time and effort. I would suggest that you hire a virtual assistant. There are so many influencers out there you’ll need help contacting them.

Blogger or authority site outreach for mailing list building.

With this mailing list building, you promote your mailing list instead of trying to get content published. You’re paying them to put your mailing list code on the material they post.

This can be a little bit tricky because some bloggers are very protective of their audience members. Others are very insecure or paranoid. Sharpen your negotiation skills.

  • The great thing about this approach is that you get to source list members directly from your traffic source. In other words, there’s no middle transition for the traffic.
  • You get to leverage whatever credibility and authority your host has with their community. This can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Since you are advertising directly to these bloggers and authority site owners community members, they can feel a little bit paranoid. Usually, they would increase the amount of money they’re asking for.
  • The workaround here is to contact as many different bloggers and authority site owners as possible and try to get the very best price compare deals.
  • And if you have a vast starting base, to begin with, chances are you would get a lot of good deals. Experiment with those good placements and pick the very best and stick with those.

Traffic generation strategies category number two as SEO backlinks

How to get backlinks for Search Engine Optimization to get backlinks you need to reverse engineer the best content of your competitors. You then promote this content on the same network of Websites that are linking to your competitors best materials.

Another way you can get backlinks is through guest posts contribute free blog posts through third party blogs in your niche when they publish your post they link to your website using your target keywords or your brand name.

By offering scholarships. You can get backlinks from some of the most powerful link sources on the Internet. These are Web sites that have a dot Edu domain extension. These are usually universities and colleges or educational institutions.

Generally speaking; Search engines place a greater weight on links coming from these types of domains by offering a scholarship
and publicizing it to educational institutions. You can get quite a bit of high-quality dot Edu domains.

Issuing a press release can help you get backlinks, but there’s a trick to this. If you publish a press release trying to target keywords, nothing is going to happen. Instead, when you publish a press release, that talks about a newsworthy event or issue you may get press mentions, and this can boost your search engine rankings.

By proactively contacting bloggers and authority Website administrators for link building purposes. You can get quite a bit of quality babblings.
Of course, you have to contribute content or otherwise engage in some strategic partnership involving material for them to link to you.

find dead links that quality blogs and websites linked to you then inform
them that they’re linking to then links and also tell them to link the pages of yours which have similar content.

  • The big advantage of search engine traffic is that you get high-quality traffic precisely at the point in time people searching for your type of content or solution are most interested in what you have to offer.
  • SEO takes a while. If you’re going to do this completely aboveboard with absolutely no shortcuts or tricks, don’t expect any results until three months at the earliest.
  • You also have to invest quite a bit of time effort and energy into creating quality content so you get length’s scholarships and press releases cost money.

Our Affiliate course is not completed yet out the first topic is cheap ways to get high traffic we are making more research to provide you the more and awesome cheap ways to get high traffic to your affiliate link so let’s meet in our next lecture for that time research on how you can get more and genius traffic.


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