6 Best Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

6 Best Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

Hi, I’m Qaseem your instructor, and today we are going to discuss what are the cheap ways to get high traffic? As you know there are many cheap ways to get high traffic but all the methods are not safe or some of them are spammy. we are going to show you some amazing ways to get cheap but quality traffic. So let’s get started.

Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic
Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

The golden rule of online marketing is simple to make money. So here is the number 1 and amazing traffic source. 

Direct Traffic To Your Link.

Direct traffic is like someone see your post or link and click on it and the person redirects to your page. The best example of this direct link traffic is Facebook Ads Or Google Ads.

In the case of Facebook ads, you just need to directly create a business account, Then just put a picture or a short description related to your product you can select the interest of peoples and guess related interest. Then simply run your advertisement and gain traffic.

In Google, you have to select a keyword having a high level of content involved, your niche related keyword indicate a high willingness to encourage people to buy whatever you are promoting. 

You can see in your campaign to see whether you are getting a good volume or clicks or not. 

Blogger Outreach.

You can hire a blogger to write content about your product or service and publish it on their website. your promotional links will be in the content he publishes on his website.

Because the content is related to the specific niche and you are also promoting a link related to that particular niche their are a lot more chances that you will get a good amount of traffic and also you can generate more sales of your own product or it can be an affiliate link. 


This is my most favorite strategy from all of the above why? Because everyone has a personality in particular interest and you have to take advantage of their popularity. How?

You have to do some research about the platforms and search for the person who is already popular in your interest don’t search for the very famous person and nor the person has very low engagement find in the middle. 

Message them that you have a sponsor and then deal with them that you can pay them an amount for promotion this is a great deal for you because you can reach more interested peoples on a low budget.

There are more chances that people will buy a product through your affiliate link. Because people are already interested in a particular niche.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic
Cheap Ways To Get High Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best method to generate free and quality traffic to a particular niche. If you have done a good SEO for your landing page then it has more then 72% chances that peoples will buy the product you are promoting. 

Here is the reason because the people coming directly from the search engine are already want to know or maybe want to buy that product. The best part is it’s completely free and the boring part is it took a lot of time if the competition is low it may take 2 or 3 months but if the competition is a little bit high then I prefer you to hire an (SEO) expert that can help you to rank in the search engine. 

E-mail Marketing.

E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales or promoting a product. I prefer you to use E-mail marketing if you have a good budget. E-mail marketing can cost you a bit higher than the others but also it will give you amazing results than the others.

How E-mail marketing works.

This is very important to know about the strategy you are getting in. How does E-mail marketing work? E-mail marketing is a market process that is done with the help of a mailing list of the interested peoples and they are more interested in buying the online product. You have to go to the website called Udimi sign up on the website and then simply buy a solo ad in a deal you are comfortable with. But the conversion rate is if you spend $1 you can earn up to $4.

Hire Someone To Promote. 

If you have a good budget then this can be helpful to you. But wait don’t just jump in, there is a trick that can make it affordable search for a marketing agency that doesn’t belong to your country. You can search for a country that is cheaper than your home country it can cost you an affordable price than yours.

You just have to pay their fee and they will do all the marketing process you just sit back and relax you can put your commission in your pocket.


We are here to help you to get cheap and quality traffic to your affiliate link or your landing page to generate leads. 

Our Affiliate course is not completed yet our first traffic topic is Best cheap ways to get high traffic. We are doing more research on free or cheap traffic sources to provide you more and awesome detail about how you can get cheap ways to get high traffic to your affiliate link so let’s meet in our next lecture for that time research on how you can get more and genius traffic.

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