Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

Hi, I’m Qaseem your instructor and today i’m going to tell you legal transcription jobs from home which you can do from any where in the world. Here is Four Transcribing websites that pay you simply by listening and then typing what you hear.

Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.
Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

I’m also going to reveal to you which one of those five websites is my number one recommendation for making money. And if you want to start earning right away, But first let me clear some questions. Every people ask.

How much can you make doing transcription from home?

The answer is very simple it can not change your life but it is a good job for you as a freelancer it will help you if you are a student but if you are an intermediate in transcribing you can make a bit good amount of money.

Can you do transcription at home?

Ofcourse in this article i have shown you some websites which allows you to make money online as a transcriber from your home. It is that simple.

What is the best transcription company to work for?

I think all of these website as i mentioned in my article are reliable and trusted but personally i recommend you to work with and reason.

I’m showing you transcripts and websites, but let’s get started with the first one right away.


Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.
Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

By the way, I want to mention that all of these websites, they work with more or less similar ideas. So they are connecting small business owners or even big businesses with freelance transcriptionist. So simply what you would need to do is you will need to listen to something, for example, an interview or video or some audio file, and then you simply type what you hear that is called transcription.

OK, so you simply listen to what you hear your time with and you will earn money for doing that. And here’s the first one and you can read more about on their website.

GMR Transcription,

GMR Transcription is a very old website since 2004 and this is reliable. And as far as I understand, this is also for people who are living in the United States. So you can see if you’re living leaving the United States, you can make money by doing this.

Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.
Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

It’s also important to acknowledge that if you want to use this website, you need to be accurate. So here they give a 99% accuracy guarantee for their clients. In other words, this means for you, if you want to make money by transcribing that, you need to have 99 words out of 100. Correct.

If you don’t have the correct, most likely you will get fired sooner or later.
At this point, you are probably asking, well, how much money can you earn on these websites? Or if you are out of the U.S., you may ask, are any of these websites available in the Philippines or other countries?


Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.
Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home. is a website which is working worldwide And if you want to make money to transcriptionists, you simply click, join our transcriptionists.

I’m not affiliated with these companies in any way. By the way, I just saw these websites to you to help you to make money online for your different opportunities where you can start earning.

That’s my mission, to have already people to make a little income online. OK, so you can see here became a bit transcriptionists today transcribed audio and video into high-quality text and get paid. It’s that easy. And then they say, join our team, cooperate if you can read more on their website.

Well, as I mentioned, all of these are reliable websites that have been around for years. They paid for their members.

Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.
Best 4 Legal Transcription Jobs From Home.

They are reviews of Apple or Microsoft or Facebook or every company, basically every big company in the world, only for big companies.
So that already tells you that and

They’re quite big companies because they are listed on Glassdoor and there are more than 60 reviews of those companies. So these two and, these are my top two recommendations out of these five.

And again, I am not affiliated with this company. I don’t receive any money from or I only tell this to you would genuinely provide you good resources where you can make money online GMR Transcription and bubble type.

These would also be reliable sites where you can earn. But if I would personally, recommend you choose either or

There are also some benefits to transcribing because you can do it anywhere in the world so you can move to a country where the cost of living is low and then you can earn money by doing this.

Also, you can choose your schedule. So they are also flexible in that sense. If you want to earn a long-term income for years or decades to come or even money that you can retire transcribing is not, in my opinion, one of those things.

OK, you can earn money for some time, the baby food or rent or things like that. But if you want to earn more money, then this is not for you, because as I told you, the earnings are not that high.

And I also spend more on my other transcription reviews and videos.
The earnings are not very high, but you can earn, of course, some money.
Let’s say you are to read somebody here and there.

But if you are not in immediate need of money, I recommend this sign up for, for example, and for these two websites, go through their tests. So they usually have these tests where they check if you are OK to work for them if you have skills for the work for them, you don’t need enough education, you don’t need any prior experience, but
you need to prove to them through the test that you can do the work OK, when you get approved, then you can start earning some money through this website.

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